In English

I created a series of short videos for the British Council, here they are.

Why Alpha Males Don’t Always Get the Ladies:

How the macaroni penguin got its name?

How singing mice woo their mates:

TEDxWarsaw Talk – Learning the Ways of Invasive Species:                                                                 

FameLab International:

Final – How do bees detect bombs?                                                                                          Semi-final – The curious incident of testicles at nighttime

Hall of FameLab:

Discovery Channel: How Do They Do It?

Science stand-up comedy for Brightclub Oxford:

Reading Science Slam:

Reading Science Slam – trailer:                                                                                                     The Slam: A Touch of Evil – The American Mink

Po polsku

FameLab Poland

Finał – Jądra ciemności – co grozi mężczyźnie nocą?                                                      Półfinał – Dlaczego rośliny krzyczą?

Rozmowa po finale FameLab:

Rozmowa po Kongresie Obywatelskim: