Prompted by my friend Andrew Steele (a talent in science, public speaking and photography), I decided to take part in FameLab – a science communication competition, where contestants have three minutes to present a scientific concept. No PowerPoint – just props! It was a challenging, fun, and incredibly rewarding experience. Below is my journey through the competition: FameLab Poland, and FameLab International.

FameLab Poland

FameLab Poland

On May 10th, 2014, I won the National Finals of FameLab Poland, expertly organised by Centrum Nauki Kopernik, with my talk “Jądra ciemności – co grozi mężczyźnie nocą?”. It was an absolutely incredible event. On the left is my winning presentation, on the right, the semi-finals one (“Dlaczego rośliny krzyczą?”).





319962_238392792869663_1901475_nFameLab International

In June 2014 my FameLab adventure continued – I went on to proudly represent Poland in the International Rounds at Cheltenham Science Festival. The two days of semifinals and the Grand Final proved an unbelievable experience. I met 22 intelligent, passionate and ridiculously enthusiastic scientists – and countless partners, supporters and alumni. That alone made entering the competition worthwhile. Better yet, I reached the final itself, and – together with the UK champion, Caroline Shenton-Taylor, was awarded the International Alumni Award, given by previous winners from the participating countries. What an honour!

Below are my two talks:

How do bees detect bombs?                                                                                                      The curious incident of testicles at nighttime

Here are all the wonderful people I have met:

At the international finals

The finalists – a bit of friendly competition!










Bogdan Ghiorghiu (Romania), David Davila (France), Marco Ferrigo (Italy), Pádraic Flood (Benelux), Joanna Bagniewska (Poland), Caroline Shenton-Taylor (United Kingdom), Jennifer Fowlie (Switzerland), Ricardo Moure Ortega (Spain), Ting Ding Li (Hong Kong), Lyl Tomlinson (United States of America)


And at the Polish national finals

Finaliści FameLab Poland 2014

Damian Sojka, Michał Kępa, Tomasz Jakubek, Mariana Kozłowska, Malwina Roszkowska-Chojecka, Tomiła Łojewska, Justyna Lesiak, Natalia Woźniak, Joanna Bagniewska, Barbara Pietrzak

Alumni vote
International Alumni Prize. Photo: Simon Ager.
The winners!
Runner up David Davila, International Alumni Award – Caroline Shenton-Taylor + me, FameLab winner Padraic Flood, runner-up Lyl Tomlinson



One of the best moments of my life! Photo: Wojciech Surdziel
One of the best moments of my life! Photo: Wojciech Surdziel