Podcast at the Sofia Science Festival: Would you ban trophy hunting in Africa?

Oxford graduate zoologist Dr Joanna Bagniewska, a teaching fellow at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading, took an enraptured audience at the 2017 Sofia Science Festival through the debates on trophy hunting and conservation.

Listen to the podcast with Bulgaria Now’s Lance Nelson and The Sofia Globe’s Clive Leviev-Sawyer here.



Can science save football? Boffins believe they can make the beautiful game more beautiful

An article by Peter Hughes in The Oxford Times

AS 33,000 Oxford United fans packed the stands at Wembley this month, many were praying for victory.

But a football-mad Oxford scientist has suggested that loving the beautiful game is more of a science than a religion.

Science Oxford’s creative director Quentin Cooper joined a panel of footie-loving celebrity scientists to debate how scientific improvements could make the beautiful game even more beautiful.

In a talk called “Can Science Save Football?” at The Old Fire Station on March 31, the experts discussed corruption, injustice and big money in football, revealing how a scientific approach could make things better.

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Turning Brain Drain into Brain Circulation

My post for the Crastina Column

The Crastina Column

For many years Poland has experienced human capital flight, or “brain drain”. But this process is slowly becoming balanced by ”returnees”. The networking and communication skills of young members of the Polish scientific diaspora has played a crucial role. Joanna Bagniewska, zoologist and science disseminator, explains how.

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International Echoes of FameLab in Prague 2014

Last November I had the pleasure to go to Prague for a follow-up FameLab event: International Echoes of FameLab. It was a wonderful chance to hang out with the FameLabber community again, to talk science, drink beer and enjoy the city with all that it has to offer.  A big thank you to the organisers – British Council CZ and Daša Sephton. It was a wonderful experience!

Here we are:

FameLab Echoes

Matyáš Krijt, David Davila, Padraic Flood, yours truly, Bogdan Ghiorghiu, Anna Stöckl, Jiří Dolanský, Jitka CejkovaMichael Londesborough, Marco Ferrigo, Daša Sephton and Katya Sephton.

And here is my presentation: